What the SpeedCheck app does

There are many apps in the market that record your speed and distance, but the SpeedCheck app is the first app specifically designed for Equestrian uses.
The SpeedCheck app allows you to display your speed in either Meters per Minute, or Kilometers per Hour.
By putting in a speed that you want to be travelling at, the app will then give you feedback via Beep, or Vibrate, to let you know if you are either under or over your desired speed. The app allows you to enter a "speed window" which gives you an area (plus or minus) your desired speed whereby the app won't beep or vibrate.
You can pause the app by tapping anywhere on the screen when the app is active. This stops your average speed, but keeps displaying your actual speed. When you want to start the app again, just tap anywhere on the screen again to reactivate it.
You can start and stop the app two ways - manual and automatic.
In auto start mode, you tag a start location and an end location and then when you go in to the start zone (a 30m radius from the start point that you have selected) the app will alert you that you are in the zone. When you leave the zone, the app will automatically start itself and then it will stop itself when you go through the stop zone. Using the auto start function means that you don't have to physically press the start and stop buttons when you are on your horse. You can start the app before you get on your horse and then it will stay dormant until you enter the predetermined start zone.
When you have finished your session, you can view the details of your actual speed, average speed and distance travelled. For eventers, the app also displays minute markers and shows whether you were ahead of, or behind time at each minute. You can also display the data in a number of different graphs - actual speed, average speed, and combines actual/average.
The app allows you to share your session data via Facebook and Twitter if you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account. It posts your distance travelled, average speed and maximum speed.
You can also export your data either via email, which sends your session data in csv format, or you can export session data to the SpeedCheck TrackPro website which allows you to display the session data on a map that shows excatly where you went, as well as all of the session data.

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