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Knowing what pace you should be travelling at cross country is vital from a competitive and also a safety point of view.
Go too slow on course and you will get time penalties. Going too fast will tire your horse unnecessarily, which may lead to problems on course or you may end up with rails dropping in the showjumping phase.
From a safety point of view, going too slow or too fast when approaching a jump can lead to a stop or a runout, or worse still, a fall. Going too fast in between jumps can lead to a horse injury from a strained or bowed tendon, or can lead to a fall if going too fast around a turn.
Previously, the only way to train pace was to set up a marked distance in a field or on a racetrack and gallop around with a stopwatch checking your position against the marker when it came up. Or you could do laps of a field, with your coach holding the stopwatch and yelling at you to slow down or speed up when you came past them. This was effective, but not efficient. You only got feedback when you went past your coach, or the marker and would have to repeat the process over and over in an attempt to hit your marker at the right time. Using the SpeedCheck app, you get feedback every second, with the app beeping to tell you to speed up or slow down based on the pace you are training for. Getting this immediate - and constant - feedback, you will quickly learn what a particular speed feels like.
One of the functions of the app is to record all movements that you make. It takes a GPS reading every second and records your distance travelled, time taken and records your physical position. If you are held on course and the timekeepers get your time wrong, you can use the data from the app to prove how long you were held for and where you were when you were held. If you upload your data to the trackpro website, you can visually display the track you took, so you could even use the app to argue against a penalty for crossing your track in front of a jump, or if a steward marked you as not having jumped a jump.
After each training or competition session you can send you session data to your coach, or post a summary of your session on Facebook or Twitter.
Racehorse Trainers

As a trainer, you will have a plan for each days training session for each horse. But how accurate is your trackwork rider when it comes to following those intructions?
Using the SpeedCheck app will allow your riders to know exactly how fast they are going at any time. This means that you don't have to time each horse individually with a stopwatch and then tell the jockey afterwards that they went too slow or too fast.
With the SpeedCheck app, you can record wach horses training session and download the data to be analyzed.
Build up a history of each horses training sessions and compare distance travelled and speed with previous sessions and see if the horse is improving, or going backwards.
You can easily email each horses daily training session to it's owners and keep them up to date with how their horse is going. or, you can upload the data to the TrackPro website and allow your owners to go online and see for themselves what their horse has done each day. This can inprove your efficiency as an owner as you won't have to spend as much time on the phone each day giving owners an update on their horses progress.
Endurance Riders
Knowing how far you have travelled each day on your training sessions is a vital part of endurance training. Using the SpeedCheck app allows you to monitor distance, speed and altitude quickly and easily.
The SpeedCheck app allows you to alter your training rides without having to go out and measure each new ride. By recording all of your session data, you can go back over previous sessions and monitor your horses fitness.

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