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Rider Last NameRider First NameHorse NameClass NameCoggins DateCoggins StatusWait ListDressage test:
AlwayMichaelNOCTURNE152DLA Dressage Test Only - Large Arena03/02/2023ApprovedNoTraining Level Test 1
BarrettKristyLEOTA PASS111NCT Novice Combined Test - (Test A Only)03/20/2023ApprovedNo
BergmannAudreyZORRO04N Novice - Test A03/13/2023ApprovedNo
BrewerLisaFRANK THE TANK152DLA Dressage Test Only - Large ArenaApprovedNoSecond Level Test 1
CarspeckenHaleyGET OUT101TCT Training Combined Test - (Test A Only)04/04/2023ApprovedNo
DelaHousayeIssacPHINEUS152DLA Dressage Test Only - Large Arena03/01/2023ApprovedNoFirst level test 2
DuPreeBellaSMORES14XC XC Only (no time limit! Stay on course as long as you need)01/31/2023ApprovedNo
DuPreeBellaRFINALE14XC XC Only (no time limit! Stay on course as long as you need)02/17/2023ApprovedNo
dZZTWENTY HAWKES05BN Beginner Novice - Test A12/20/2022ApprovedNo
EastonKellyCLAYTON06-2E Elementary - USEA Starter12/20/2022ApprovedNo
Ellen TaggartMarySHEPARD05BN Beginner Novice - Test A09/26/2022ApprovedNo
FontanaVeraOLYMPIAD14XC XC Only (no time limit! Stay on course as long as you need)01/05/2024ApprovedNo
FontanaVeraOLYMPIAD151DSA Dressage Test Only - Small Arena01/05/2024ApprovedNo2023 USDF Introductory Level Test A
FoxMelissaTITO TONIGHT14XC XC Only (no time limit! Stay on course as long as you need)12/08/2022ApprovedNo
FroncekAngelaGUINNESS06-1E Elementary - Intro Test A03/20/2023ApprovedNo
GaleMiriamKINSALE05BN Beginner Novice - Test A02/17/2023ApprovedNo
GonzalezSarahROCKSTAR REBELLION 14XC XC Only (no time limit! Stay on course as long as you need)02/13/2023ApprovedNo
GoodareKelsieCARLI 13111NCT Novice Combined Test - (Test A Only)02/21/2023ApprovedNo
HarounaAminaJUST BE121BCT Beginner Novice Combined Test - (Test A Only)01/10/2024ApprovedNo
HarringtonLizREDBOURNS THOMAS151DSA Dressage Test Only - Small Arena03/25/2024ApprovedNo2022 USEA starter test
JenningsLindseyEREBOR06-1E Elementary - Intro Test A05/24/2022ApprovedNo
KozauerMayaHSH EXPLOSION03T Training - Test A09/06/2022ApprovedNo
KrchnakKarinMAXS PAINTED MOON 06-2E Elementary - USEA Starter12/23/2022ApprovedNo
Lafleur-LovegroveJudithFORREST (DGE SWIPE RIGHT)06-2E Elementary - USEA StarterApprovedNo
LeveringAlexFRAME COUNTDOWN05BN Beginner Novice - Test A03/27/2024Not ValidatedNo
LindstromElinCODY05BN Beginner Novice - Test A12/20/2022ApprovedNo
LundbergSienaRAVELS BOLERO05BN Beginner Novice - Test A02/01/2024ApprovedNo
ManningSamanthaDAISYS STORM151DSA Dressage Test Only - Small Arena01/10/2023ApprovedNonovice test A
ManningSamanthaDAISYS STORM151DSA Dressage Test Only - Small Arena01/10/2023ApprovedNoNovice Test B
ManningSamanthaGOOD LUCK MOLLY152DLA Dressage Test Only - Large Arena01/10/2023ApprovedNoTraining level test 3
MaticicBeckyLUIGI06-2E Elementary - USEA Starter03/13/2024RejectedNo
McBainElizaHIGH STANDARD05BN Beginner Novice - Test A02/20/2023ApprovedNo
MilkampAlexandriaPHANTOMSSANDSTORM 111NCT Novice Combined Test - (Test A Only)02/21/2023ApprovedNo
MineNatalieZERO CHILL06-2E Elementary - USEA Starter04/06/2023ApprovedNo
MorganCaraPIPER05-2BN Beginner Novice - Test B02/02/2024ApprovedNo
PampaloniJoySBF FÍGARO 152DLA Dressage Test Only - Large Arena03/02/2023ApprovedNoUSDF First level test 1
PollockJaimieLOOKING GOOD KELLY151DSA Dressage Test Only - Small Arena02/13/2023ApprovedNoBeginner Novice A
RansonAnnaRUSHIN COLLUSION 05BN Beginner Novice - Test A12/20/2022ApprovedNo
RiddleAinsleyROWAN06-2E Elementary - USEA Starter04/18/2023ApprovedNo
RobinsonKaylaFONDTASTIC06-2E Elementary - USEA Starter12/21/2023ApprovedNo
RodmanLillyHONOR SOCIETY04N Novice - Test A12/19/2022ApprovedNo
RosenthalAngelinaBELFOUR 06-2E Elementary - USEA Starter10/22/2022ApprovedNo
SandvikenKatrinBELLA152DLA Dressage Test Only - Large Arena10/12/2022ApprovedNo1st Level test 1
SchmittKaitlynPOSSE ON BROADWAY04N Novice - Test A11/29/2022RejectedNo
SchumakerNanetteLA COSA NOSTRA04N Novice - Test A01/03/2024ApprovedNo
SellKelleyMOJAVE MOON04N Novice - Test A01/03/2024ApprovedNo
SpencePortiaSTONES ROAD 06-2E Elementary - USEA Starter09/15/2022ApprovedNo
ToroEmiliaNEVERLAND06-2E Elementary - USEA Starter11/18/2022ApprovedNo
YoungShariPURE COTTON05BN Beginner Novice - Test A01/08/2024ApprovedNo

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