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# Class Status Notes Test Fee
1-A Monday - Advanced Closed Basics/pole work/flat work --Select-- $250.00
1-BN Monday - Beginner Novice Closed Basics/pole work/flat work --Select-- $250.00
1-I Monday - Intermediate Closed Basics/pole work/flat work --Select-- $250.00
1-M Monday - Modified Closed Basics/pole work/flat work --Select-- $250.00
1-N Monday - Novice Closed Basics/pole work/flat work --Select-- $250.00
1-P Monday - Preliminary Closed Basics/pole work/flat work --Select-- $250.00
1-T Monday - Training Closed Basics/pole work/flat work --Select-- $250.00
2-A Tuesday - Advanced Closed Cross Country Schooling --Select-- $250.00
2-BN Tuesday - Beginner Novice Closed Cross Country Schooling --Select-- $250.00
2-I Tuesday - Intermediate Closed Cross Country Schooling --Select-- $250.00
2-M Tuesday - Modified Closed Cross Country Schooling --Select-- $250.00
2-N Tuesday - Novice Closed Cross Country Schooling --Select-- $250.00
2-P Tuesday - Preliminary Closed Cross Country Schooling --Select-- $250.00
2-T Tuesday - Training Closed Cross Country Schooling --Select-- $250.00
3 - BN Wednesday - Beginner Novice Closed Show Jumping --Select-- $250.00
3-A Wednesday - Advanced Closed Show Jumping --Select-- $250.00
3-I Wednesday - Intermediate Closed Show Jumping --Select-- $250.00
3-M Wednesday - Modified Closed Show Jumping --Select-- $250.00
3-N Wednesday - Novice Closed Show Jumping --Select-- $250.00
3-P Wednesday - Preliminary Closed Show Jumping --Select-- $250.00
3-T Wednesday - Training Closed Show Jumping --Select-- $250.00
1 Monday - Non-Compete Horse Closed --Select-- $30.00
1-Audit Monday - Auditor Closed --Select-- $40.00
2 Tuesday - Non-Compete Horse Closed --Select-- $30.00
2-Audit Tuesday - Auditor Closed --Select-- $40.00
3 Wednesday - Non-Compete Horse Closed --Select-- $30.00
3-Audit Wednesday - Auditor Closed --Select-- $40.00

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