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Southlands Riding Club

Southlands Riding Club

WELCOME TO OUR 2 & 3/4 PHASE SHOW ON JULY 1st & 2nd, 2023!

DRESSAGE JUDGE: Linda Dieno (Basic)

Schooling Show


Thank you for supporting our shows!

**ALL ENTRIES MUST INCLUDE A COMPLETED COPY OF OUR WAIVER. Please download the following waiver:

You will be asked to upload completed forms during the registration process.


1) ENTRIES: Entry Fee $95 + GST ($99.75) for all divisions. HCBC membership mandatory. Refund after entry closing date: 50% of entry and stabling fees with vet certificate, no refund without vet certificate. Before closing date: All fees will be refunded except $25 administration fee. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN FULL PRIOR TO EVENT. ONLINE ENTRIES ONLY.

2) STABLING: Stabling fee $95 + GST ($99.25) for the weekend (2 nights, 3 bags of shaving). Day Stabling $50.00 (1 bag of shaving). Tack room (no shaving) $60.00 + GST. Additional bedding may be purchased for $10.00+GST/bag. $35.00+GST clean-stall deposit required. Will be refunded if stall is cleaned before leaving the show. 

3) TIME SCHEDULE: Entry packages may be picked up starting 5:00pm Friday, June 30th in the Clubhouse. 

4) DRESSAGE: Saturday July 1st. Starter – 2023 EC EV 85 Test 1 ; Pre-Entry – 2023 EC EV 85 Test 2; Entry/PT – 2023 EC 85 test 2. All tests will be ridden in small (20’x40’) outdoor arena. Tests may be called at all levels.

5) STADIUM: Saturday July 1st, beginning with Starter. Stadium will be run open gate: after completing the dressage test, riders may ride stadium at any time within the window for their level. The course will be open for walking as of 5:00pm Friday evening, and at any time on Saturday when there is no rider in the ring, at the discretion of the stadium judge. Specifications: Starter - either cross-rails or max. 2’3’’; Pre-Entry - max. 2’6; Entry/PT - either 2’9 or 3’’. Starter and Entry/PT riders must indicate preferred height on entry form. Riders will not be separated, penalized or rewarded for height choice, the options are just there to ensure that we provide the best possible schooling opportunity for anybody who wants to ride! Divisions will only be split by stadium height category only if numbers warrant.

6) CROSS-COUNTRY: Sunday July 2nd, beginning with Entry/PT. Starter – approx. 1200m @ 325m/min, max. 2’; Pre-Entry – approx. 1500m @350m/min, max. 2’6; Entry/PT – approx. 1700 @ 375m/min, max. 2’9 with some PT options including ditch and 3’ fences; TERRAIN: mostly flat, with portions on hog fuel track and sand. Course open for walking as of 6:30pm Friday; please note numbering and jump placement may still be in progress at this time.

7) PRIZES: Ribbons to 8th, prizes for 1st through 3rd. Starter and Pre-Entry divisions will be split into JR and SR divisions. Awards for top Junior and Senior dressage scores. Awards for top D and C Pony Clubbers/Horsemasters.

8) ACCOMMODATION: Free camping on grass lawn by clubhouse. Limited parking for trailers and RVs in parking lot next to indoor arena. Limited electrical hook-ups are available at this event (for a fee). 

9) PARKING: Use entrance on next to indoor arena, off of Macdonald Street. Trailers may be unloaded and left near stabling but must be unhooked and parked as per instructed; all vehicles must be parked outside of the Club perimeter fencing. Follow directions upon arrival.


Please find below the list of the classes offered at the show:

# Class Status Notes Test Fee
01 Starter - Junior Closed Riders under 18 years of age -Select- $99.75
02 Starter - Senior Closed -Select- $99.75
03 Pre- Entry - Junior Closed Riders under 18 years old of age -Select- $99.75
04 Pre-Entry - Senior Closed -Select- $99.75
05 Entry/Pre-Training - Open Closed -Select- $99.75

Event Notes

Day Stall $52.50 (incl. 1 bag of bedding)
Show Stall $99.25 (incl. 3 bags of bedding)
Electrical Hook Up $94.50
Free (tent or RV - no power)
$63.00 (no shaving)

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