Reduce Your Administrative Workload

Clubs – Member Management System has been designed to reduce your administrative workload to a minimum. Automated renewals, customizable forms and flexible reporting mean that your club secretary can spend their time on productive activities instead of shuffling paper.

Automated Renewals

Sending renewal notices to your members is as easy as clicking a button. Choose between a fixed period of renewal in which your membership year runs from one date to another, or spread your renewal process out by having the renewal period based on the date that each member joins.

Customizable Forms

You decide what information you want to collect about your members. Add custom fields, radio buttons, selection lists etc.

Detailed Reporting

The system offers a variety of reports including:
Member details
Committee details
Merchandise sales
Payment history
Activities report


CLUBS is a cloud based product, it can be accessed from anywhere you can get access to the internet. Being configured for mobile use makes it easy to use with a tablet or smart phone and it is available 24 hours a day all year round.


Gone are the days of paying by cash or cheque. The CLUBS system allows your members to pay via credit card online. Funds from transactions get deposited directly in to your bank account.


Send and keep a record of the correspondence sent to your members via email, SMS or letter.